Persevere, Always!

Why is perseverance easier in many aspects of our life, but so difficult in a battle with sin? As a young kid, I spent most of my afternoons and weekends in sports practices. I’m strongly convinced the first thing I ever loved was the game of baseball. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to practice every day that I could. As I grew into my teenage years, I realized I wanted to practice and play all the time, and I even wanted to practice and play in the worst of conditions. Cold, rain… it didn’t matter to me. The only time I knew I couldn’t play was during a storm that included lightning.

I realize now, that my walk with God is the same. My marriage to my wife also requires that same passion and devotion. Raising children is no different either, as I want to have all four of my kids be the best they can be, and always commit themselves to God first and foremost. As a man, husband, and father it is imperative that I give devotion to God always. To practice my relationship and worship of Him so often, that even in the worst conditions that I go to Him first and always for guidance and motivation.

Today has been one of those tough days. Just woke up and felt weight of shame and guilt from years of sin. I haven’t wanted to do much today. It was honestly difficult to take a few moments to get in God’s word and just be still with Him. I know these days are becoming less though, as my growth in Him continues. I can’t persevere through these days on my own. I need prayer and I need God. The wonderful thing is that I know and believe He is enough, and he’s my Savior. He’s my rock through difficult times. I’m truly thankful that I did still make time for my walk with Christ today, and it’s a good sign to me that even in the tough days, the less optimal days, I’ll seek and praise God.

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