Finding Limitless Time for God

I Exalt Thee by Sean Feucht

“The Lord lives! Blessed be my Rock! Let the God of my salvation be exalted. – Psalms 18:46

We believe in and worship a living God. A God who dwells with us and in us.

What does it mean to exalt God? To exalt, means to raise up, extol, to be set on high. Where do we place Christ in our lives? Is He the first thing on our hearts and minds when we wake up? Is He tucked in somewhere neatly on the drive to work, between shifts, or maybe even just Sunday mornings for about an hour?

I’m guilty of this many times also. Yet, it’s important to set aside a daily time for God. Often our lives are filled with many responsibilities and so we get into that scheduling of our quiet time. What I want to challenge myself to do is to continue to take that focus with me throughout the day, and let it pour into all the other aspects of my life, whether they are daily routines or just events happening on the fly. I think that is what God wants. For our hearts to continually long for and chase after Him.

Happy Easter!

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