Relational Prayer

Many times I’ve had experiences where I felt as if the “friends” I had were only around when they wanted or needed something. Specifically, I knew this to be true of a few “friends” that would come visit me when I worked at a surf shop. They just wanted a discount. Whenever I’d call them or reach out to see if they wanted to hang out there was always an excuse as to why they were too busy. Eventually, and it didn’t take long, I caught on to the act and cut them off. As humans we all desire true and sincere friendships and relationships. God designed us that way. To live in fellowship and relationship with Him and each other.

Imagine your spouse or best friend for a minute. Now imagine how betrayed and hurt that person would feel if they knew you only communicated with them and sought intentional relationship when you want or need something without caring about their feelings, desires, and/or needs. It should be the same with Christ. Our God desires intimate relationship with all of us. Yet, we tend to only go to God with wants and needs. We turn God into an Amazon shopping cart, or a stop at the convenience store on the way home from work. Our desire for instant satisfaction with minimal effort gets the best of us, myself included.

First Thessalonians 5:12-22 gives strong detail for the ways in Christians should conduct themselves. Verse 17 specifically states, “pray without ceasing.” Colossians 4:2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving;” when we devote ourselves to something or someone, it or they have our full attention and care. I want to be fully and wholeheartedly devoted to God in all I do. As I’ve committed to that I’ve seen the correct and holy relationships in my life grow immensely. My wife and I, walking a path of restoration are at a point where we both feel this is the closest we’ve ever been as a couple, fulfilling each other and increasing our purpose. What a blessing? And it’s not possible at all without God being first in both our lives. Having a time of daily communication with Christ, and making a sincere effort for Him to be our Father, Friend, Comforter, Healer, and Savior is what allows us to see the perfect example of loving one another in all ways.

Go to God with request, needs, and desires surely, but do not forsake communion with Him daily. Worship Him and communicate with Him as much as possible and you’ll see the good fruit in your life and the lives of those around you.

God bless all of you!

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