Many Questions; One Answer

My heart has been very heavy the past couple days, and really the past couple weeks too. A lot has been happening. I spend a decent amount of time catching up on news, because I enjoy knowing what is going on in the world beyond me. I doubt I need to tell many of you, but it’s been disturbing lately on multiple levels.

I have four kids. The thoughts that enter my mind when I read about what has recently occurred in Uvalde, Texas are frightening. What if that was one of my kids? How would I react? What would I say? Who would I rely on for mental healing? What would that healing process look like? Could I forgive the perpetrator? These thoughts and many more wreak havoc on my mind. Honestly, they rip at our soul too… and they should.

I imagine God weeps when these tragedies occur. I believe he weeps for the victims and his heart is broken for how sin so easily invites the presence of evil, and that portions of his creation are so given over to depravity that these things occur. How does He want me to respond? That’s a question that keeps hitting me over and over today.

Then there’s the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the federal legality of abortion (Roe v Wade). The entirety of this subject gets twisted on both sides. There’s vitriol coming from both sides, and so rarely do we see anyone approach the topic with grace. How do we do that? It’s such a polarizing topic. To be clear, I despise the idea of abortion. We are called as Christian’s though, to love the sinner while detesting the sin. We are called to forgive and not condemn. Condemnation is not our right given to us as children of God. My heart breaks for the women, men, and families that abortion impacts. My heart breaks for how the topic divides the Church when it shouldn’t.

One thing I’ve been reminded of very much lately is that unbelievers do not see the world through the eyes of Jesus. They don’t see the world through the nudging and assistance from the Holy Spirit. Many don’t understand that it is possible to love the sinners (which is all of us to include the Church), and deny the acceptance of sin. We acknowledge sin. We acknowledge we all sin, but explaining that we are called to not live in sin purposefully and create separation from God willfully and continually is something that is difficult. It’s not impossible, but difficult.

I’m hoping to challenge myself to continue to grow my Christian walk in that I can do a better job of loving people, displaying God’s love, displaying God’s forgiveness and passion for sinners to come to Him, and grow His kingdom.

I think the answer to many of the questions that have been going through my mind lately is simply, just God. God doesn’t need us to bring Glory to Himself. What I mean by that is He is more than capable to do it without us. The beauty of it all though is that He delights in using us. The answer is God. Only God.

The world is going to let us down. People are going to let us down. Humans, regardless of if they are believers in Christ or not, are going to let us down. That’s going to happen at a 100% rate. God does not. He is the same Ancient of Days, God of today, and eternal God of tomorrow. Let’s go to Him. Let’s give our time, effort, worries, praises, and every part of our being to Him.

The answer is GOD.

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