Today’s Scripture (5/26/2022)

On the day of prosperity be happy, but on the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other so that a person will not discover anything that will come after him. – Ecclesiastes 7:14

This verse was mentioned during my small group (Bible study) on Tuesday night, and I noted it down as something to come back to.

It is a firm reminder in the Word that God is and remains in control despite our ever changing circumstances. It is not up to us to decide what tomorrow holds. It is our joy to believe in the favor of the Lord, and to lean on him in times of circumstance for that is when our faith will grow even stronger. To praise the name of God in all our days, not just the good ones.

Blessed God, Lord of the universe, our Creator, and our Provider, we thank you for your blessing. We pray for our country. We pray for those who seek to trouble us, and we love them despite their ways. Bless them God, and allow them to see and know the love you have for them. Lord, we pray for the leadership of our country as they navigate the difficulties of making decisions we are aware of and the many decisions we are unaware of. Give them a mind and heart for you, Lord. Thank you for providing for each of us today, and your daily blessings, Amen!

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