Today’s Scripture (6/4/2022)

I sought the Lord and He heard me, and rescued me from all my fears. – Psalms 34:4

I remember this verse from a worship song from when I was a kid. It has stuck with me since then, and many times as I dealt with various fears in life I would sing it.

My mind wouldn’t ever think much about this verse when things are going well, until now. I recently read this verse and something interesting stuck out, “…and rescued me from all my fears.”

The use of the word all reminded me that God’s presence and His deliverance is more than just situational for us. It means we are delivered from past fears, our current fears, and our future fears when we seek Him because we are His! When we seek the Lord, He will not abandon us; He has already delivered us.

Below is the link to the song on YouTube. Today was the first time I have heard this song in maybe 30 years, and it blessed my soul. Maybe it’ll do the same for you. May the Spirit of the Lord be with all of you.

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