Today’s Scripture (6/25/2022)

Sedona, Arizona, USA (unknown photographer)

The Lord has done great things for us; we are joyful. – Psalm 126:3

This is a Psalm written in thankfulness to God for the Jews’ return from captivity, but I believe it easily applies to all of us as we were all once held captive to an eternity without God if not for our salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus taking our sins to the cross and resurrecting Himself in glory, as He said he would!

We all want good things. Our flesh and our soul want good things. Our souls want and yearn for the goodness of God. Our flesh wants immediate satisfactions whether those are good or sinful. For instance, when I’m physically hungry, I want food and drink. I don’t always need to eat, but sometimes I just want to. There’s no sin in that, unless we become gluttons, but too much of anything can become harmful to us.

As a married man, sometimes my flesh wants and desires sex. God created me for that, and it’s okay if done in the right way, with my wife. There should be no other who satisfies that desire for each of us. God created us for that relationship, man and wife, and to populate the earth.

Our soul also wants what is good, and God fills our soul to capacity in a way none other can or even should. The peace His presence brings is like that quenching of hunger and thirst that our flesh enjoys. The joy we encounter through Him does the same for our soul.

I’m thankful for the greatness of God in my life. I’m thankful for the joy I have in returning to Him, chasing Him, and a renewed heart for Him. I’m thankful that while I was once in captivity and darkness, God left the 99 and came for me!

Give Us Clean Hands (Kutless)

Lord, thank you for the joy You’ve given me, the opportunity to have a relationship with You, and for those You’ve put in my path to guide me, encourage me, and correct me when I get it wrong. Keep my heart longing for You, make my joy being in Your presence, and obeying You. Help me to raise good children who seek You, and be there for them when I falter. You alone are holy, righteous, and worthy of our focus and praise. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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