Today’s Scripture (6/27/2022)

Faye Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth. – Psalm 100:1

Days of Elijah (Maranatha! Praise Band)

We serve a living, powerful, resurrected, almighty God! The Bible says the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead resides inside of us! The Holy Spirit lives within those who choose to believe and obey God! What an amazing reason to be excited, joyful, and to celebrate!

I just spent the last 24 hours in a place called Sedona, Arizona. It is a truly beautiful place. If you’ve ever seen pictures of the red rocks, that is Sedona. The red in the rocks is iron in the soil. They’re quite literally, a pile of rusted rocks!

Sedona is also known for something else called “vortex” energy. It’s interesting. Some of the trees and plants here do a lot of twisting and turning in spots in the canyons. There is a heavy dose of what I’ll just refer to as earth worshippers and the likes there. Our tour guide told us all about crystals and earth energies, and all of it was fascinating. I’ve always loved and enjoyed physical sciences, especially geology. God made our earth to do amazing things, and have some really cool properties for all kinds of uses.

One of those cool properties my kids were able to learn was about quartz, and the ability of quartz to rebound energy, and our tour guide was talking about those energies related to the vortex points making tree trunks and branches twist and turn, etc. A quick drive through town and it’s clear there are many people there to worship the earth in the town of Sedona.

What I realize though, is that nothing on earth creates it’s own energy. God created everything, and for everything a purpose! Quartz, rocks, crystals, etc do not create energy. Quartz rebounds energy, like a natural battery. What joy we have in knowing, and having relationship with the God of the universe who created us, the mountains, the seas, the rocks, everything within them and for each a purpose!

I now know and love my purpose. I’m created to love, praise, and obey Christ. I’m created to display and share His love with others!

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