A Taste of My Music

In the last week I wrote a quick blog on the importance of music. As a Christian, I know God has a purpose for literally every aspect of His creation, and our ability to create music is no different. Over the years, I’ve listened to a lot of music, and a some music had bad influences on me while other music really puts me in a better spot as a person, and especially a Christian.

Music has a distinct ability to make an impact on us through emotions, memories, and spirituality. What you’ll find below is a smattering of music (varying genres) that I’ve found over the years. All of this music was created and performed by groups that either still do, or at the time the song was written/performed proclaimed to be Christians. If you listen to the lyrics there will definitely be significant parts that stick out as being Christian lyrics, while some are just positive/not negative in the way that many secular songs can be.

I have a soon-to-be teenage son that is really getting into listening to a lot of this music also.

Without further delay, here are some of my lifetime favorites, many of which I’m sure the majority of people have never heard before!

Crushed by Poor Old Lu
Blunted Edge by Jeremiah Dirt
The Worst is Yet To Come by Still Remains
Fall Away by Calibretto 13
My Life Be Like by Grits
We Were Made For You by Aaron Gillespie
Really Something by Aaron Sprinkle
East on Tracks by Slick Shoes
Me against Me by Project 86
Softer to Me by Reliant K

Well, that is a small taste of various music that I have found and enjoyed over the years. Some of these artists are in my favorites list, while there are still many others I haven’t posted here. I hope you enjoyed checking this out.

If you have recommendations, leave them in the comments below for all to enjoy!

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