Music Monday!!!

I’m going to try and remember to do this as a weekly post. Just a spot where I share a few songs I like, and others do the same if they’d like! I’m going to just go with my favorite three of the week. Some old, maybe some new and all the in between!

Here we go!

Gold and Silver by Stavesacre

This is kind of a softer ballad by Stavesacre, and the lyrics are beautiful. I like the heavy use of piano in this one.

Me Against Me by Project 86

This one starts heavy and you can feel heavy energy throughout the song. At around the 45 second mark, the speed picks up. It’s an older song from the early 2000s, but it has that 90s P.O.D. flavor to it with the chorus sections. The lyrics encourage a heavy dose of self-reflection too. Good stuff! Speaking of P.O.D…

Southtown by P.O.D.

P.O.D. made some remarkable music in the 90s. “Youth of the Nation” is another good one that still has impactful lyrics in 2022. These guys went a bit mainstream and found a lot of success. I recall back in the mid-2000s a couple of their songs were used in military recruitment videos. Cool stuff.

Share whatever music you like everyone!

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