Music Monday 2

Last week I started doing this Music Monday thing, and it’ll likely continue as I love me some music! I highly doubt I’m the first or only one doing this, but it gives me another fun way to express myself with this blog. So, without further delay, enjoy a few songs!

You Alone Are God – Aaron Gillespie

I’ve always liked a lot of Aaron Gillespie’s music. He has an amazing voice, is one of the best drummers of all time (my opinion, I know), and made some really cool Christian music over the years. He’s currently back with Underoath, but has also done some work with his own band The Almost, as well as being the tour drummer for Paramore, and solo work. Suffice it to say, this guy has a ton of talent. All the rest of his story, I’m just going to wrap up in saying that God loves him and I hope he feels that in his life.

No Longer Slaves – Jonathan David and Melissa Helser

This is a really cool worship song. I first heard it several years ago, but since giving 100% of my life to God it has really taken on a lot more meaning to me. Getting to a point in my life where God means more to me than anything has really helped me to refocus on the point of worship, how I desire it, how I focus on it, and how it’s for the glory of God. Fear has always been a problem for me. It drove me to lie, lie, and lie some more. Fear of consequence for my own actions, fear of rejection, fears of inadequacy. You name it, and I probably feared it. In Christ though, I’m no longer slave to that fear though. I’m a child of God, and God has ALREADY paid the price and won the battle.

Theophilus – Jeremiah Dirt

The Shadow of the Locust album by Jeremiah Dirt is one of my all time favorite Christian hip hop albums start to finish. He’s still around, and remains one of the most talented, albeit lesser known Christian hip hop artist out there. His style of mixing and gritty voice combined with powerful lyrics are something to checkout if you enjoy hip hop. I first heard him back in 1999/2000 when a friend of mine who produced surfing videos put one of his songs on the soundtrack.

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