Music Monday 3!

Hey everyone. I had a crazy busy work day today, but told myself once I ate dinner that I had to make this post so I wouldn’t forget. I’m not sure how many, or if any actually check out these artist. But I enjoy making these posts regardless.

Today, I’m going to focus on some artists that I used to listen to from Tooth and Nail Records, and a still active band from Solid State Records (metalcore focused offshoot of Tooth and Nail). Please stick with me through some of these, even if it’s not something you love. I hope you at least try them all and can find one or more you enjoy. I’m going to close it out with a worship song that I love too, because… what is a good gathering of music without a song intentionally for the Lord our God?!

You can find Tooth and Nail here:

You can find Solid State here:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Mono Synth by Joy Electric

First up is a two-man group called Joy Electric. I can’t remember when I first heard the song (early 2000s?), but today was my actual first time seeing the video along with it. I’ll say the video fits the sound. Lol. I don’t really like much electronica, and these guys use a synthesizer and drums to create their unique sound. This is my favorite song they made. I added this song this week to really highlight the eclectic range of music I enjoy. I know this isn’t for everyone, but maybe you’ll give it a try with an open mind.

The Dreams That Don’t Come True by Zao

Okay, so these guys are a screamo / metalcore group that I’ve always enjoyed. The drum pieces in this are so clean, and the soft lyrics combined with the growling will create a nice blend of melody with high energy in a steady dose for the duration of this song. Love this song!

Someday by Plankeye

Okay, if you need a change of pace from the above songs and want to here some melodic, alternative stuff… checkout this song “Someday” by Plankeye. It’s like a late 90s alternative style with slight punk roots. I love the lyrics, “Someday, I think you’ll understand – let’s just hope that day comes fast.”

Really Something by Aaron Sprinkle

Oh man, do I love this song! I could play this on repeat for hours. When he hits the chorus at the 1:26 mark, it hits all the emotions and really brings the lyrics together into a very impactful thought process. You can easily feel the passion in the song and sing along with it. Aaron Sprinkle has been in the industry for a while, and his voice will make you want to sing along for sure.

Hindsight by Wolves at the Gate

These guys have been around a while, but I’ve just recently found them via some friend’s recommendation. I like them. Their sound has a rock foundation mixed with some hard moments and soft background vocals. Their lyrics have a lot of meaning and loaded with the gospel.

Good Grace by Hillsong United

“So don’t let your heart be troubled, hold your head up high! Don’t fear no evil, fix your eyes on this one truth, God is madly in love with you!” Amen!!! God loves us so much, and there’s no trouble in this world He didn’t overcome already to rescue us and bring us to Him. The greatest words in the Bible, “It is finished.” Jesus paid the price. We all know the price He paid for us. I don’t know what your price was, but I know he paid a lot and dearly for me, and that amount of love is incomprehensible. Wherever you are tonight, God loves you. Whatever you’re going through tonight, God is with you. Whatever you need, God will provide. We serve a mighty God!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s music! See you next week for round four!!!

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