Today’s Scripture (8/3/2022)

“I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!””
‭‭- Psalms‬ ‭91:2‬

These words are my prayer today, for myself and for my children. My children start their school year today, and we are all full well aware of the daily struggles with school, being teenagers, pre-teens, and all the stresses kids go through as a result. I want my kids to know they can and should go to the Lord in all things, and that I model that for them.

Knowing God is their fortress and trustworthy is especially important in schools in 2022. Regardless of your personal politics, we all have seen violence continue to spiral out of control in our schools. Personally, I don’t see it as a problem to blame on inanimate objects. I place the blame squarely on our culture, our lack of God, our steady reduction in teaching responsibility to children, and a lack of care for the previous gift of life from our Creator, and Him alone. Kids need safety, and I pray that God protects all schools across our nation and the world and restores value of Him into our lives.

Lord, today I lift up the many children who are beginning a new school year to You. We thank you for Your righteousness, Your mercies, and the love You have for all of us. Lord, the children belong to You, and we pray for their safety, the safety of their teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and all persons in the schools. I specifically pray against the demonic forces waging war against us in the form of destroying the minds of those who would do them harm. I pray that those specific individuals wherever they are today will be touched by Your love and Your Spirit. God, I pray for the teachers who will spend this year mentoring, teaching, and guiding our children that You give them the words to teach and speak in love, patience with the kids and parents, and knowledge that they are appreciated. God, we pray all of this in the name of Jesus who conquers all things. Amen!

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