Music Monday 4!

Well, it’s that day of the week again. Time to share some more music! Hope someone is enjoying these as much as I enjoy writing them.

Hopefully everyone is having a great Monday so far! Now let’s get into some music!

Deadrise by DENS

Okay. So, this group is signed by Facedown Records which has a plethora of more hardcore/metalcore bands, but then there’s these guys who are similar to My Epic, but we’ll get to them later. The heavy lyrics in this song go deep (no pun intended) and the finale of this song in the last minute will have you wanting to find more songs by these guys… I promise. They literally rocked out, then found a way to intertwine a hymn into the end (No, I’m not going to give away which one it is. You need to listen to it and feel it for yourself. Powerful, and I LOVE it.

Zion by My Epic

This is an older song from 2013, but I just recently discovered it because for the past 17 years I really haven’t listened to much in the way of Christian rock music of any sort. These guys though, are an absolute joy to listen to though. It’s not too hard rock, and not too soft either, and strikes a perfect balance of pace with the lyrics (you can find them in the link). They remind me of a more modern version of Poor Old Lu, and now that I think about it… they’ll be next! Before wrapping this up though, there’s a steady lyric line throughout this song, “I am restless for You”. Enjoy!!!

Crushed by Poor Old Lu

I’m keeping with the less hardcore/screaming rock theme today, I give you an older song by Poor Old Lu. Last week’s Music Monday featured a song by Aaron Sprinkle, who was the guitar, keys, and vocals for Poor Old Lu back before he went solo. His brother Jesse, was also a founding member on the drums, percussion, and also vocals. This song is a really fun listen, and I guarantee by the end of it you’ll either be singing along to the chorus, or replaying the song… possibly both. The truth in the lyrics will touch you, and you can feel the passion throughout the song. This is by far, one of my all-time favorite songs by any Christian rock band ever made. “With the words and with the truth, He has spoken!”

Well. I hope you enjoyed the songs this week, and feel free to comment below! God bless each of you as you go through this week and beyond.

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